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    We are the official UK distributor for Galileosky products. Discover our flexible solutions.
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    Over 10 years experience working with machine manufacturers to ensure their control system requirements are met
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Over 10 years experience

Plug N Play Solutions have a strong background of working collaboratively with a wide variety of machine manufacturers to provide quality, flexible and UK manufactured control system solutions. 

We are able to customise all our products to suit your specific needs by using CODESYS 3.5 programming language, designing you a full wiring loom and delivering it in a Plug N Play format.   

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Programmable Codesys display

We can provide hardware

Codesys System Integrator

We can provide software

Plug N Play Solutions

Or we can provide you with both

Telematics provider
Remote Communications
Programmable Codesys Display
Programmable Displays
Engine Control Panel
Full Control Panels
Codesys programmable controller
Programmable Controllers
UK Manufactured Control Panel
UK Manufactured
UK Loom manufacturer
Production Looms

We offer a range of high quality, UK manufactured robust products that are suitable for a wide variety of harsh applications. 

Our flexible approach allows you to pick and choose from our product range. 

Key features include (but not limited to):

- CANbus (J1939, Raw CAN, CANOpen)

- Modbus TCP/IP 

- Analogue sensor input support 

- Output control

- Remote monitoring 

- Remote control

- IP67 rated

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We are customer focused 

We offer a wide range of services to help support you with your control system. 

Our professional approach ensures that your project is kept confidential, within budget, to your timescale and meets your technical requirements.


Code Generation and Conversion

Engine Controller

PLC and Configuration generation 


PLC and Configuration generation

Control System

Design work and Consultation

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Key Applications

Battery Storage Control System
Battery Storage
Mobile Machinery Control System
Onhighway Machinery
Stage 5 Engine Controller
Stage 5 Engines
Off Highway Machine Control System
Offhighway Machinery
Light Tower Controller
Light Towers
Military vehicle control system
Generator Control System
Microgrid Control System

and many more...

Find out what we can do for you

Book a no obligation free of charge consultation with us. We can confidentially discuss your requirements and how we might be able to best help you. Whether it is leading your project or simply providing you a product / service.